baby quilt – the central panel

i’ve got something i can live with.

i sewed all the strips once, then cut the resultant fabric across the first stitching lines, perpendicular, because i wanted to avoid cute diagonals.  i had to arrange everything then, and so i figured out how many squares to offset (i worked off the thermal squares).  at first i had a step-pyramid thing going, but then i realized i had to sew each piece to its own end to make a circle, and then the lengths of fabric went together much more clearly.

so i sewed one length to another, and this time i pinned them first, because the first time, when i was sewing the first strips together, i didn’t, and all the thermal pieces stretched out to almost twice their length, which meant that nothing went together by eye, even tho that’s how i sewed them.  you learn.

i ended up with a large loop of little fabric squares.  i cut the length in half, and sewed the two halves together sideways, and came up with something that’s about 35×45, which fits inside of 45×60 with a 10×20 border.  but oh well.

so now what to do?  i have a nice bland background against which to put my startling clothes, but i need to think about a border now.

will i use the arms and feet i already cut out?  i’ll have to cut them into front half and back half, and may  not be able to use the back halves, i don’t know.  i should be able to use both halves of the feet pieces, tho.  that’ll go all the way around twice, so i may attempt to make a bargello strip out of the arms and legs.


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