project – a baby quilt

if you’d like to see a collection of the paintings of 2009, please scroll down to the next post.  i had directed a gallery director here to see my work, and just told him to go to the top page, because sure i haven’t done any art for a few months, and wasn’t planning on getting it together for at least another week or so, after jim’s show opens and we can get back to normal.

but hey, shit happens.  it turns out that some people i know who’ve been trying to get pregnant finally did it, and so i just had to whip out my stash and start grooving on a design.  i’ve been collecting baby clothes for a baby quilt for several years now.  (i’ve also got the personal one to be made out of all of my grandson’s clothes, and that’s a whole nother project i haven’t even started to think about.)

for this baby quilt i started out at the thrift store, buying all the good-feeling cotton baby things i could find.  i went to last chance thrift store here in atlanta, and of course went on half-price monday, where most things were tagged at 99 cents.  an armload cost me nine dollars.  whoo.  it’s good to do fabric art.  there’s always a supply of fabric.

soft cotton baby things.  when i collected the first batch of baby things, several years ago, i got a wild hair and decided to take the rotary cutter to them.  so i have a whole bag of two or three inch strips of shoulders and sleeves, say, or leg and foot.  i’ve got whole strips of snap fronts.  all in cute little baby prints and lovely soft cotton fabric.

when i went out to the thrift store this morning, i got loads more baby clothes, and this time i’ve got them whole.  so i’ve got 4 head-to-toe suits that i could make into kids playing, if i wanted to (hands and heads are the only things i’d need to make up), and i’ve got a range of tops and pants, and even a little dress.  i also picked up a few baby blankets to use as something.

i have no idea what i’m going to do with it.  the quilt will be a crib quilt, which is 45×60.  i’m going to order the flannel back from dharma this evening.  i’ve got to figure out what in the world i’m going to do with the cut-up bits.  how many shoulders, how many feet?  hey, i could do a crowd scene with them, that’s one thing.  or i could somehow sew them together and strip them.  they’ll add lots of texture, that’s for sure.  and it’s probably best if i stick to zippers and snaps and never mind the buttons that would freak out any first time mother.

i was going to make the first baby quilt for my eldest younger brother, who has two kids at this point.  but they kind of like designer things, and if they wouldn’t throw out what i made, they certainly wouldn’t use it on the kids’ beds.   but this unnamed person who’s pregnant is an artist themself, and will appreciate my efforts better.  so i just have to watch out about going overboard with the design, and it’ll turn out great.


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