mom’s quilt 3

just an aside.  i’ve been talking to my mom about some of the fabric i’m using.  there’s a piece of needlework she’s not sure she wants me to use.  i’ve offered to use it whole and not cut it into pieces (it would unravel), but she insists it was made by a long-dead relative of hers for use as a cushion on a particular antique bench seat.  but mom’s not going to reupholster the bench herself, and she’s not going to pay for it, and if i give it back to her it’ll just disappear into some drawer or closet and she’ll never see it again.  on the other hand, worked into a quilt, she can run her fingers over it every day.  which, i understand, she might not want to be reminded…

another thing is that mom just asked if she got any approval over the design.  i didn’t laugh, and i’ll show her what i’m showing you all, but unless she can come up with a better intuitive design, it’s going to be made the way it occurs to me to make.  i had loads of issues with my sister trying to design her dragon quilt from another continent.  her suggestions were good and i mostly followed them, but then she was trading me for the quilt and felt she had a right to get it the way she wanted.  but this is a gift to my mom, and she’s getting it the way it comes out.  sounds cruel, i know.  but i’m the artist and i’m the one doing all the work, and she’s going to love it simply because it represents all the kids and all those years, and so a little quibbling on the design end isn’t going to make any difference.  or she’ll hate it and it’ll go into a closet.

the main point of making a quilt for my mom is to give her something she wouldn’t be able to buy, something that means something (tho what it means isn’t my responsibility).  and this is motivation enough for me, something that might make her happy.  but i can’t do it on her terms.  i can’t do it like a work for hire.  it’s got to come from my heart, hand, and brain, and be a present from me, a work of my special unique talents.

so sorry mom, please don’t suggest a traditional patchwork quilt.  you wouldn’t love it, because i’d hate it, and that vibe would come thru every inch of quilting.


One thought on “mom’s quilt 3

  1. I understand the predicament. When I am making a gift for someone I try not to tell them about it, because if I do they start taking over and I lose interest. Hang in there and od what your instincts tell you. Otherwise you will be dissatisfied and never pleased with the result.

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