encaustic – sugar hollow 13

thirteen’s a lucky number.  here is a picture of the finished photo, taken outdoors and auto adjusted.  i like it.



2 thoughts on “encaustic – sugar hollow 13

  1. Jeanne,
    wow, what an active creative life you lead! May I ask you a cold wax question though you seem to have moved on? I’m wondering how your cold wax paintings, unfused, are holding up. Do they actually dry or do you fuse them all? Thanks so much for any experience that you wish to share.

    • i am afraid i don’t do cold wax as such. i make my own encaustic medium as a cold wax, and fuse everything (i wouldn’t recommend doing that with a premixed cold wax, because it contains petroleum products, but i use orange oil as my solvent…). i would recommend you look up rebecca crowell, who is the queen of cold wax, and/or janice mason steeves, who is also very proficient. good luck!

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