encaustic – sugar hollow 11

it’s not over yet.  i actually signed it last night, but then i sat back and looked at it, and it still needs more work.  i managed to put a veil of white over the dry rocks in the foreground, and took another photo.


most of what i did yesterday involved burning the hell out of the painting.  i took a really long time on the blue reflections, making fist-sized pools of absolutely molten wax, trying to move the white particles out of the way and let the underlying darks come thru.  it’s an act of patience and faith to leave a heat lamp over a molten pool of wax.  it starts moving and you don’t even see it.  i had dreams about it later.

and this was effective.  but then i had to go back in with some light gray/brown (white and raw umber, makes a bluish gray until i added more umber, and then it was brown).  i put it on the rocks that aren’t covered by reflections.  and then i put it on some of the rocks that are covered by reflections.  i put a thin wash of raw unber over the yellow reflection of the tree trunk on the right, because it was just too stark before.

after i stuck the veil over the dry rocks the composition looked better, because those rocks are markedly different from all the other rocks simply because they’re dry.  in this photo the contrast still isn’t good enough, and i may have to put on another veil.  what i still have to do in the water is to coat out the bottom (the part that isn’t huge giant rocks but sort of sandy bottom) with a blue gray and burn it again.  the area in the middle of the darkness on the right, and the area beneath the enormous rock ledge at the top left of the painting need this.

but this is an entire day’s work, so it looks like there’ll be an 11th or even 12th post.

and then, it’s getting on for november and i’ll be starting my novel for national novel writing month, so it may be that i wont be starting on another painting for awhile.  on the other hand, i’ll be making headway on my mom’s quilt.  at any rate, i’ll report it here, and you can check out my fiction if you want to.

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