encaustic – sugar hollow 9

my, this is taking a long time.


and it’s getting further and further from what i wanted.

today we had a visitor, and then i had a fight with my kid, and didn’t get to the studio until after 5, so only had enough time to put on a layer of raw sienna over the water without reflections.  i was hoping to lighten the bottom.  and now what i’m missing is the dark of the lines around the rocks.  so i’m going to put that in tomorrow, and perhaps then can i put on a layer or two of clear wax and start making some of those blue reflections get more transparent so that you can see the bottom thru the reflection.

that’s perhaps going to be difficult, but i don’t know yet, because i’m still unsure about how white acts when heated.  i’m expecting the parts overlaying the dark lines to break up and boil first, because the black underneath is quicker to heat than the lighter colors.  again, i don’t know.  and like i said yesterday, if it comes to that, i’m willing to scrape back some of the paint.  but i’m hoping i can burn thru it instead.

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