encaustic – sugar hollow 8


the color balance on my photoshop isn’t showing the blueness of the reflections.  i’ll have to shoot it outside tomorrow.  that’ll eliminate the flash in the middle, as well.

today i reinforced the blue reflections everywhere, and then put a layer of wax and raw umber over all the non-reflective places.  once i burned it in it looked a little deeper, a little more convincing.  the reflection of the tree trunk is nice, but there needs to be some darker reflections of the branches as well.  tomorrow i guess i’ll do something about the dry rock in the foreground (a veil of some version of white), and some lightening in the underwater rocks.  and then i’ll slap a coat of clear wax on top and burn that in.  and then touch up stuff, and maybe another coat of clear wax and i’ll be done.

i just got some really reasonable ($3.75/lb) unfiltered beeswax from elbert honey company.  i got five pounds of honey as well, really nice.  the beeswax smells great, and has little bee parts in it, which is what i wanted.  i actually asked phil, the guy, if they didn’t have any really dirty beeswax, but all they had was the stuff they melt themselves, and it’s quite clear, except for a little brown scum on the bottom.  but i’m delighted.  so tomorrow i’m probably going to melt it and mix it with orange oil ( to make my version of encaustic medium) and put it into jars so i can use it real soon now on something where the beeswax is featured more than pigment.  one of those abstract mostly wax paintings, where the romance of the wax is what’s important, rather than the quality of the painting or the exactness of the representation.

but for now, to bed.  it’s been an emotionally harrowing day, and i’m going to bed now.


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