encaustic – sugar hollow 3

today i did something different.  i did what i usually do with an oil painting, and that is to go over it and put green everywhere i see, and then put purple everywhere, and then and so on.  i didn’t melt each color in before going to the next one.

first i mixed up some lovely terre verte, but immediately realized it was absolutely transparent, and could only be used for glazes.  on jim’s advice i put it aside and remixed my green using chrome green with some purple and white.  it was almost the same color, but opaque, and chrome oxide is much stronger than terre verte.

once i start looking for places in a photograph where a certain color can be seen, i start finding them everywhere.  so i went over the whole painting, even the dry rocks, with green.

and then i mixed up some purple, with a little raw sienna and a little white, and put it in all the shadows.  and then i wanted to mix up a dark brown, but it ended up light brown – raw umber, raw sienna and white, so i used it anyway, and it became the lighter part of the rocks.  and after that i took that same thinned out black (purple, umber) and put in all the deep shadows.

and then i left it there and came upstairs.  jim went out with his friends to gussy up the cyclorama, a yearly thing where they crawl around among the toy soldiers and backdrop painting and dust and clean and repair and repaint.  but he’s home now, so i’m going to go walk the dogs with him and then we’ll go to bed.



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