project: a quilt for mom

she’ll fight me on this one.

a couple of years ago i asked my middle-younger brother davie to grab me a couple of plastic bags full of old clothes from mom’s basement. old, moldy things outgrown twenty or thirty years ago that mom never could bear to throw away.

he brought them to me when he and mom came to visit, and i cleared everything with her, but she won’t remember that, and will want me to uncut and unpiece everything. well, i won’t do it. she’s been forbidding me to do anything with the fabrics, using as her excuse the fact that she has nowhere decent to put it, and wants me to wait until she’s cleaned up the house, which is when hell freezes over (but with global warming you never know, so it could happen). but i’m not waiting. in fact, i’m disobeying almost every one of mom’s precepts about this quilt. which is about par for the course, eh?

i washed them in vinegar and borax a few times, and the mold smell is as out as it’s going to be. a good airing will help. i separated all the clothes into categories (type of clothing, rather than color or size of print or fabric type) and photographed everything. now i’m going to print out the photos and cut the clothes out and start playing around with them as patterns.

this isn’t going to be your typical quilt. no boxes and stars and crazy stitching for me. nope, i’m going to be using the clothes to tell a tale. just what isn’t apparent to me yet, but i can invision this:

a picture quilt, featuring a bunch of little kids runnning around playing hide and seek or kick ball or some such kid game, with backyard trees etcetera.

only for the little kids, i’m going to be using little dresses and little pants. i’m going to separate the clothes into front and back, and use one side or the other to represent the little kids all by themselves. with the rest of the fabrics i guess i’ll make other picture elements and borders and things.

i’ll use flannel in the middle, and a nice cotton back, and she’ll have it big enough to fit her king-size bed, which means 104×93.

here’s what i have to work with:



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