more experimenting

that strip of linen got dyed and washed out, and lost some of the red.

then i did up some sodium alginate and made up a paint mix of purple, and overpainted paisley over the ends of the linen strip. and batched that and washed it out.

then i stretched it and made up some super-thick (4 times the recommended amount for print paste), put it into a water-based resist squeeze bottle, and put patterns on the middle of the linen strip.

then i made up a paint mix without alginate, a thin paint, and put it all around the resist lines.

by god they held. washed and all. bled like hell when i rinsed it but i saw it was well resisted.

so then i did the ultimate resist test. i got out a silk scarf and stretched it, and used the alginate as a resist, and put in a nice setting earth scene. some fine detail lines. some smeared goo, some smeared goo moistened with a wet finger.

the alginate worked very well as a resist, if the line is thick enough, which it will work with a surprisingly thin line. as for the smeared stuff, it acted just like no-flow.

so i think i’m on to something here.

because all these products are proprietary, thus secret, thus costly. costlier than it is to make them.

i’m going to continue to test this alginate resist in the following days and weeks.

i’m so happy. tapioca starch didn’t work at all. rice starch is a pain, flour starch i haven’t tried but i don’t want to steam it into my silk and then try to get it off. alginate might work marvelously. let’s see how it steams.


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