encaustic painting 7

 here’s the latest progress.


i’ve melted everything. i’ve made the blue run a little. it’s all the same tone, and everything gets lost in the dark. i talked it over with jim, and we think that a bunch of midtones will do the trick. we’ll see that next time. 


 here i have a still life coated out with wax. it’s buried all the details, and i don’t like what i’ve got. the wax has gone on too heavily, and i need to go over the entire painting again. this is a waste of paint.


so i’ve put in all the local color on the blobs of paint, and more highlights on the jars, and i’ve incised a line around each jar with a carving tool, and put way diluted blue/brown into the carved lines, smoothing it off of the surface. it seems to do nice things. i added more paint to the paint rag in the background, too. 


 the nebula is difficult. i keep getting it sort of right but then something goes wrong. and then i look at it later and it’s all wrong. so i put on more paint. more wax medium.


i’ve put on more yellows, more reds, more darks. i’ve slathered on more white, more yellow and siena and purple on the background. and still it’s not right.


but here’s how close it is, which isn’t very. it’s so obviously stars and clouds in the photo, and it’s impossible to tell what the subject is in the wax. but the texture of the foreground is beginning to be something i find interesting.


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