little nebula squares on silk

i’m beginning to do nebula / galaxy handkerchief squares. i’ve just ordered 2 dozen 17×17 heavy silk satin squares, so i’ll see what i figure out what to do with them.

i’m in the middle of this one. just wanted to show the originals on the right and my silks on the left.

 this one i love for the blues, but i can’t find the source photo, and don’t begin to know where i looked on the internet


 this one didn’t quite become the 3 dimensional form i wanted


 i believe this is ncg 281. what form


 this is the least successful one. i have to learn about spreading the sugar syrup and dyeing in layers before i try this one again.


 but oh how beautiful a subject. i think it’s orion nebula.


 i really love how this one turned out.


 the rosette nebula.


 an early attempt, proving that i can’t draw without a reference.


 the trailing blobs of syrup worked well, but i have to learn to bleed out the resist line, and to get colors incorporated into the creeping resist.

 this might be the pinwheel galaxy.



One thought on “little nebula squares on silk

  1. Can I have the blue one for my birthday Mommy?!!!!! My goodness that´s beautiful,Jeanne!!!! And the wall hanging looks really neat too! Your work is gorgeous! What am I doing in college for Art? Why aren´t you TEACHING it?!!!!!!

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