you might think i’d be finished

 the only time i’ve used a needle and thread

i figured out about the hanging sleeve.  i’ll use my dad’s suit pant leg, and the waistband of the same suit – handmade in hong kong in the 60s. i’ll sew all the labels i managed to save off all the shirts and skirts lisa gave me to make a quilt with, and i’ll attach the hanging sleeve to the canvas with all the buttons i’ve saved. then i’ll throw out the rest of the ex clothes and cloth strips and collage pieces i didn’t use in the wallhanging that IS NOW HANGING ON THE WALL IN THE SPARE BEDROOM.

yay. now i can strip the table and start drawing a celtic design for a friend of mine’s birthday coming up real soon now. and then the clothes for our family trip. and then i can take a rest. i just bought a bunch of jeans-strength machine sewing needles, and i’m still thinking thru that jeans quilt i saw once and never saw again.

 the second time i’ve used a brush

for the varnish coat i decided i should use a brush, which except for the green and yellow paint on the collage before i cut it into strips. i had to paint over every surface, no matter how small and hidden, with generous helping of gel medium goo, brushing it into nooks and crannies, leaving it built up around really tall pieces of collage strip.

after awhile i was seeing it like long parallel penninsulas, fiords (slartibartfast), and found i was painting gel medium on like it was the tide coming in, marching straight up the inlet until it creamed over the town at the far end.

we went to a place in ireland that was a very long, very deep inlet in connemara. they say submarines come up to port in the little town.

 the only use of image transfer (practically)

i painted a bit of acrylic white paint to represent the house at the head of the bay, which happens to be the hotel we stayed at for my sister’s wedding. i didn’t like how it looked when i cut the collage into strips, so i thought about solutions. and came up with a blowup of the source photo that jim and i took on one of our morning walks, and tore it off the page, and slapped some gel medium onto the surface, and mushed it down over the fabric representing the far hills beneath the mountain. it kind of sticks out as far as color, so maybe i’ll hit it with some acrylic paint, a green glaze, and just leave the white shining out. it was a really nice place. cashel house hotel.

 sticking the collage down to the muslin and canvas

i got farther along in covering the whole front of the canvas with a coat of gloss gel medium. it was pleasing to find that the canvas and collage laminate didn’t stiffen up much at all, and acted very much like a sheet of old leather when i flipped it over. i can live with that. it’ll roll. it’ll unroll. ooh.

 varnishing heavily with gloss gel medium

the only way i had of telling if i’d covered a place before was to cover it again. anything white was still or recently wet. anything that was stuck down didn’t necessarily have a top coat, and the only way to tell was to give it another coat. i may end up giving it another nother coat when it’s had a chance to cure for awhile.

wait until susie sees it.

 it’s up on the wall now, curing

i can already see where i’ve got to stiffen the fabric above the hole of the handing sleeve so it won’t droop over like that. it works well in the photo. i’m not sure how it works in the room. it’s a large room, we’ll see how we take to it.

there’s still so much i can still do. how much i want to attempt, if anything at all (i’m onto other things now that it’s off my table. i’m still doing scarves for susie’s brothers in law (because i love them and would marry either of them, if they were willing to share jim with me), i’m thinking of the next family member to get pregnant and what she gets. things like that.

the photo and the fabrics to work with the source photo and a range of fabric samples

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