an email from my sister

> On 5/24/08, jeanne
> wrote:
> > hi all. i’m having fun making special gifts for
> > people.
> >
> > this time it’s lisa’s turn. i’ve taken a bunch of
> the
> > family’s old clothes and am turning it into a
> collage
> > of our hotel in cashel.
> >
> > i’m cataloging it in a blog, and i’d like you to
> check
> > in on it from time to time to watch my progress.
> >
> > it’s at i hope you
> enjoy it.
> >
> > love, jeanne
> >
> >
> >
> >

love, jeanne

— Lisa  wrote:

> Jeanne,
> I hope into the site from time to time to see what
> you�ve been up to.
> I’ve not been able to because of how ill I was after
> the tomography.
> It really makes me ill.  And then I’ve been in the
> middle of
> semi-final exams for college and that’s also kept me
> busy.  I’m really
> impressed by your work.  You put an incredible
> amount of time nad
> effort!
> Jeanne, why did you cut it into strips?  Why did you
> decide to glue
> and not sew?  Is this going to make it impossible to
> get down here?
> Why don’t you hold onto it to see when either I get
> up there or that
> Sue gets down here?
> Perhaps mailing it really isn’t the best idea!
> I’d hate to have all of your work ruined.  Let’s
> talk this thing out
> and decide together the best way to deal withthis.
> Lisa
i’m glad you’re visiting, i write it for you and susie
to look at, mainly.

to answer your questions, this is something that
really amuses jim: we go to an opening of his work
from baqck in the 70s, and people come up to him right
and left and want to know what he was thinking when he
painted such and such a picture. and him in his dotage
and the 70s so long ago, how is he supposed to

mainly why i did one thing over another had to do with
the inspiration of the moment. at every step i was
stumped, and had to think of something to solve
whatever problem it was before i could move on in the
direction suggested by the last step i had taken. so
in a way, when you look backwards, it’s a logical
progression, and i did it the way i did because i had

time and effort
not any more than i put into anything i do. only the
scarves are less than a day to make, and with the
pocket handkercheifs i can do a bunch at a time. when
i made my nebula scarves i just kept making one after
another all day long and now i’ve got most of a dozen
(well, had, i’ve been giving them to people).

i cut it into strips because once i decided to put it
on a background canvas, and once i dyed it and saw how
beautiful it looked, i knew i had to let as much as i
could show. and so i thought i’d make a smallish
collage and glue it on like a frame, with maybe the
bottom part of the frame larger than the top and
sides. and then when i saw the patterns that emerged
from the crackle dyeing technique and saw how
beautifully it echoed the scene i was getting ready to
collage, and realized that i could simply overlay the
same sized collage over the canvas, and the problem
was to figure out how to put down some collage and
leave background spaces between. i could have dome
bits and pieces of collage to help form the overall
pattern i saw on the canvas, but then i got the idea
of how fast the light changed while we were in the bus
travelling around connemara, and how it would be
lovely subtle gray for awhile and then all of a sudden
the sun would come out and there’d be yellows and
browns and greens everywhere, and blue. so i ended up
trying to treat the collage like raindrops, trying to
invoke the suddenly shifting weather, the almost two
states at onceness of the grays to oranges change of
the landscape. who knows whether it’ll actually end up
doing that.

glue and not sew
the glue was because i thought about isolating all
that mold with a varnish, and took it from there. why
not sew was because i really didn’t want to commit
myself to cutting out fussy little pieces, laying them
on and zigzag stitching. i wasn’t confident of my
collage choices, i have never used the zigzag, which
makes a difference subconsciously at this particular
time in my evolution. something. but i get way mot
flexibility about how thick i can make the collage
when i use glue, and it was still going to be flexible
enough to use as a wallhanging.

the shipping part is going to be an issue. in fact, it
turns out to be one of the most important issues. i
realized lately that the first coat of acrylic gel
medium wasn’t good enough. it was pretty thin, and
when i went to cut the collage up a lot of it came up
from the muslin it had been built on. some fabrics
came away entirely, some didn’t. so i’m having to go
back and slather medium on the strips. so we’ll see.
as for shipping, the strips go diagonal with spaces in
between, so i can roll it diagonally and put it in a
mailing tube. which means i’m not even going to try to
fold it, like i was thinking i’d do for chris (or
sue). now when it leaves this house it has to be a
mailing tube. i’ll include a jar of gel medium so you
can stick down anything that has popped off its base
when it gets there, but it should unroll well when you
get it, and flatten out on its own with a little time,
preferably lying on the floor somewhere. if you turn
it over on its front, you can probably walk over it
like a floor cloth, so it won’t get in the way.

anyway, i’m still having fun, and not getting to any
obstacles and me and jim and my little voice find ways

can i use this letter on my blog?



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