Lisa’s wallhanging – mud pies

 laminated collage strips, upside down

i finished using thick gloss gel medium to glue the fabric strips to the muslin strips beneath. the collage had seprated from its muslin backing even tho the backing stuck to the canvas support well enough. and it’s the synthetic fabrics that seem to adhere the least. i think they might repel acrylic? can’t imagine that much foresight in synthetic fabric design, but there’s the man in the white suit to go by.

now i need to deal with the hanging sleeve issue and varnish it (with gel medium), and then it’s ready to cure for awhile before i try rolling it up and then see what happens to it.

i just listed 5 next steps,

i really love gluing the strips down with my fingers. i have come to realize that i need close contact with my materials. i’m a taurus, i need to be physically grounded to the ground, or i get into trouble. i fall off of bikes, roller skates, roofs, high heels. that’s why i go barefoot all the time.  i would much rather put my art on with my fingers than use a brush or a knife or a sewing machine. if it were safe to ingest paint, i would take mouthfuls and put it on that way. spraying, dripping, splashing, drawing. wouldn’t the tongue make a great brush? try signing your name in the air with your tongue.

 i also used to pour elmers into my palm and let it dry

now that i’ve come to the end stage of this project, and all i can do is make embellishments, i have to think about cutting – tearing the vertical edges, which i didn’t glue all the way out to the edge of the seam. i can cut it and unravel it, slash it like sleet. ooh, i just had a thought. what if i can distress the canvas background to make it seem like sleet or rain, bright, thin little streaks in the same or even the different direction as the strips. metal threads. just only on the background. hmmm. but it’s mostly covered with at least a little (and i got carried away att the end so a lot) of gel medium which is a really good barrier to things like scratching and bleaching. which means maybe i should add a veil to the canvas to make it look rainy.

jim was remarking that once i have it on the wall i’ll be able to see if it needs anything, and then go and paint it on. i haven’t really done any painting for a few years now – i have works on the easels – a watercolor of a neightbor’s front yard, a big koi painting in oil, several unfinished watercolor scenes (with problems) that people want to actually buy from me but which i never get to and would be nice to get them off my list. but i keep getting inspired by other things.

when i finish doing this wallhanging for my sister, i’ve got a friend’s birthday coming up and a sarong design he asked me for a few years ago, and there’s that nebula veil for asha that i really must get to. and there’s my sister’s visit, for which i’m doing wrap-around pants and coverup capes. there, that’s enough to be doing between here and august, isn’t it? i’d say i’m fully booked.

 wet gloss gel medium goes on white, dries clear


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