Lisa’s exquilt wallhanging – back to work

i hate travel. well, i love travel, but it takes me so long to recover that anything i have left unfinished in the studio begins to gather dust. so it’s been half a month since doing anything on lisa’s project.

however, i got back into the studio today. i was still going to do some gluing of green strips for grass shoots, and some green something over the pink fabric representing the furze bush in the middle ground. but i didn’t feel like it at this point.

so i got out some acrylic paint and went to work, unifying the areas with a coat of clear glaze. at least, that was my plan. whenever i take another step in the creation of one of these things, it goes differently than i had anticipated, and that requires another step of creativity to rescue it. or so it seems.

i had thought to put some sort of sap green, or hooker’s green, on the grass foreground, just a light, transparent glaze over everything, not enough to change the existing colors, just to give everything a green cast.

well. the first brushstroke put a dark band of opaque green on the fabric. this was not what i wanted. however, it was down, and now i had to continue. the interesting thing was that my brush only got paint on the raised surface of the fabrics. this is where the fact that i folded and molded everything came in handy. the paint accentuated the folding, and didn’t touch the depths, so i had green splotches all over the fabric. once i got done it didn’t look too bad. it’s not how i pictured it, however.

so i continued. yellow ochre on the mountain and shoreline of the distance, white on the clouds. the white probably had the biggest effect, making the clouds light enough to recede behind the mountain. and the yellow ochre over the mountain brought out some of the jacquard pattern of the dry fabric before i dumped it into the acrylic medium. it had not dried out at all, and by that i mean that the color of the fabric did not go back to its formerly light grayish sheen that made it such a good fabric for the mountain. but with the ochre on it, it finally had some texture, so i was happy enough with it. so i went ahead and put indian yellow on the furze bushes and painted it over the lace in the foreground furze bush.

in the end, i wasn’t so excited about the result, but it did in fact unify the fabrics.

so, on to the next step. more ripping and shredding. with a mat knife.


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