What happened next

my test strip is done, altho nothing like i’d planned it. the salt is rudimentary, no flowing much at all.

washed and dried canvas

stratched on 40×60 and just fit fabric on to 2 sides, leaing 2 verges.

used leftover dye from doing test strip. put more blue in it, watered it down. firstpass was so horribly dark that i used wide spaces in between them, figuring it would spread. did the other side to match, but after i’d watered the dye way down.

dye sort of went thru here and there. i diddn’t worry about it.

salt went on, had some effect, very large scale, really. (adding soda ash ruined this effect so never mind). used every drop of dye, of course.

when it was dry, sprayed heavily with soda ash and warm water, until the fabric glistened. i wanted to get thru the cotton, but didn’t want to flip it over because i’d disturb the dsalt (which had no effect anyway)…

 how it looked from beneath

the canvas lay rolled in plastic over night, and got tossed into a large load of cold water for a rinse, then hot with synthrapol, theninto the dryer, and it came out much bluer than i was planning. and the soda ash had gotten the back wet, and the the color that migrated to the back was turquoise, which is one of my primaries (the other i used was magenta, with some black) it was supposed to be a plae purple. but it looks like faded and purples jeans magerial. and the back is eautiful. this lovely green. neither the pictures take outside over our pagoda sculpture or the photos taken inside under horrible studio lighting. it doesn’t actuallylook like either of those photos for color correctness, tho i tried.

but now it won’t have those colors anymore, because i dripped hot wax all over it, in the end shaking the candle so fast that i was sending out little burning drips of wax. i felt elemental, like some witch casting a spell.  a dance with fire. our bellydance friend asha dances with fire. it takes real concentration and at-one-ness to do something that dangerous, with long flowing golden hair and silk veils.

after the dyed canvas was out of the dryer and annointed with wax – on both sides, because i’m not sure which one is going to come out the more beautiful. i pulled the fabric into the bottom of a large plastic container and started mixing up a few tablespoons of this and that, mostly lots of yellow, and some salt, and a cup of hot water.

i poured a cup of yellow. then i mixed up a cup of mostly yellow with a bit more red than i used on the test strip, so it was more red and less scarlet than i wanted. so i mixed up a mess of yellow and thre it on top, getting all the little undissolved bits of dye on down in the fabric.

then i covered it over with a ess of plastic, and there it’s going to sit for about 4 hours, and i’ll pour the soda ash in on top of it when i get back after choir, and let it sit all night.

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