Okay he’s gone

left after lunch. have a good life.

so i fumigated, and swept and washed the sheets and blankets, and lit incense.

and finished messing with the test strip of canvas. mixed up soda ash water in a spray bottle and sprayed all the dry test strip covered with dye and salt. then put on dye and salt on one other, drew come stronger dye thru it, added salt, and sprayed. then dragged stronger dye across the surface of some other area of previously untouched canvas test strip, and added salt and sprayed. then with another color the same thing. then put on the dye and the salt but waited to spray it with the soda ash until i could see movement.

so it’s sitting there under plastic, curing, and i’ve got to go off to choir now and leave my work.

but at least i’ve got my studio back.

and i’ve got a real learning curve on getting the salt technique to work on this canvas. maybe the stuff i did a few minutes ago will show some profit later tonight after choir or after the dogwalk tomorrow morning.

i dreamed of going around tearing off a length of fabric for each person, because it meant something speciqal.

i fantacized, when i couldn’t sleep, that i was gluing down torn fabric strips for the sky, starting them unevenly, leaving the background visible. i could see it feathered on all sides like being obscured by mist.

it just occurred to me this morning. if i don’t like the way a bunch of fabrics hangs together once i get it all stuck on, there’s nothing to stop me from mixing in a bit of pigment with the last layers of gloss gel, an put a glaze over the thing, paint right over the fabric and shade it all burnt sienna, say. that’s cool.

Loose Ends
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