A light at the end of the tunnel

the guest leaves tomorrow. yay. right now he’s sitting in my spot in the garden. grr. he was gone over to visit a friend and drink beer, and this is when i ran into the studio, holding my nose, turned the fan on full, and mixed up some dye. just dye and water and some salt. the soda ash is later.

i mixed some blue with some red and added salt, but wen i mixed the solids i didn’t get purple, so i mixed some more blue in. but then i noticed that the blue was only colored blue by my wet hands at some prior point, and was really black. so now i had red and black, okay. so i added loads of blue and pasted it up. then i diluted it, and again, and painted the first square and added salt.

the canvas does not take up easily, so i diluted once again and added synthrapol, just a drop, interesting to see the surface tension change. the 1st and 3rd panels didn’t go thru to the back very well. i soaked the 2nd and 4th.

i diluted again and again and added salt. the picture is still showing the canvas damp, but is the right shade of purple, i mean pastel shade, whichever technical term it is – hue? i get so confused.

the salt technique does not work very well. it needs darker concentractions of dye, and i’m not getting much movement. i had the strip somewhat stretched for the 2-4th panels, and for a 6th panel you can’t see in the picture i left it all scrunched up with salt sprinked inside.

so how to do the salt technique stronger on this thick a canvas? bigger salt?

anyway, the guest is supposed to clear out of here in the morning, his bag is mostly packed, if not in the way, and i have barked my shins twice on the side of the folded out futon bed. i fumigate with fred solls incense after we get back from the dog walk and have our breakfast. and then i can go to work. the dharma order hasn’t arrived, but i’m dealing with dyeing cotton, and i don’t need no special nothing for that.

my sample dyed strip. at the other end i have test strips of adhesives. both elmer’s white and titebond carpenter’s yellow glues, and 2 kinds of acrylic gell medium. i got information from golden on which one to use as glue for what is now a fabric collage.

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