i just placed a huge dharma order. to go cheap, i’ve decided not to splurge on already-made up silk dyes anymore.  (the first-round order totalled $500) i’m getting the powder and mixing my own from now on. just like with paints. the secret of the universe is pigments and binders.

i went down and found my roll of canvas for paintings. it’s 5′. so i’m looking at 3×5 or 4×6 or 5×7 for the borders of the canvas piece to go around the 36″ picture. but maybe this is too big. i must ask susie what lisa’s walls can stand.

i was discussing floor cloth making with jim last night. for the canvas backing. i want it stiff. maybe i want to applique (with glue) some of the fabrics as for borders. maybe i want to hang it separately so they can use it as a floor cloth.


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