Lisa’s quilt – problems

the problem is that all the fabric is full of mold. mildew. and i can’t get it out. i’ve tried washing in cold water with vinegar. i’ve tried washing in bnaking soda and rinsing in vinegar. i’ve tried washing in hot water with vinegar. i’ve tried hot water and bleach. all these remedies are to be found online, just search for “remove mildew“.

but none of them work. the vinegar wash didn’t do anything about the smell, even tho i use vinegar all the tie on mold and mildew. the 100% cottons were improved with the bleach, but if anything the synthetics are worse now than when i started (which i don’t think is a completely accurate statement).

so i’ve got a basket of de-seamed, washed, and pressed ex-clothing pieces all foded up on my ironing table, and the whole room reeks. my hands smell of mold. it’s a nasty smell.

the problem, my other sister tells me, is that where lisa lives, it’s always warm and humid. nobody has clothes driers, so the clothes are set out in the sun to dry, and then folded up and put away damp. thus the mold. here’s what the weather’s like today where lisa lives.

well, i’m unwilling to make a quilt nobody can put on their bed. nobody should sleep under a blanket of mildew; it’s unhealthy. jim’s suggestion to seal it only makes sense if it’s a wall hanging, because sealing it will make it stiff. so i’m thinking now that i should do a wall hanging.

my other sister says they have no use for quilts in brazil, and they pave plenty of wall space in lisa’s house. so it looks like a wall hanging it will be.

this gives me lots of freedom. now i don’t have to worry about how i’m going to join the pieces. i can simply glue them down on top of a canvas support. i don’t have to worry about appliquilting or any other fancy name for using fusible web under the stitching. i don’t have to use stitching at all. so i’m actually much happier with this idea. it’s not a traditional quilt, but i don’t like traditional quilts.

and the sooner i can get the mold smell out of my spare room, the happier i will be.


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