Progress on lisa’s quilt

i took the significant step of rearranging the furniture in the spare room, in preparation for full-scale work on lisa’s 50×50 inch central panel of a queen sized quilt, using her family’s old clothes to recreate a favorite holiday scene.

i pasted enough kraft paper together to make a 52″ square, cleared enough wall space to put it up with blue painter’s tape, and then started drawing with a pencil.

i’d already made a watercolor painting of it, so the important contour lines were familiar to me.

the drawing, tho not exact, is good enogh to start on. because i can’t imagine the finished thing being exact, and i’m not going to waste my energy on it.

i plan on outlining all the major features of the scene, and then assemble the fabrics to have the same energy as each patch of scenery.

to that end i went thru all lisa’s fabrics and picked the ones i could use. way more grays and greens than i can have of other color ranges, but i’m going to make the effort.

i’m going to try to make use of the bit of fabric that has meaning – cuffs, collars, pockets. buttons.

i don’t know whether i’ll tear or cut or carefully cut to make up a patch of scenery, and i’ not sure at this stage if the patches will fit together when i go to assemble them.

but it’s a start.


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