Lisa’s quilt – drawing

i have a 60×60 inch design to do, first step.

but before that, to learn about my picture, i’m going to do a practice picture, and play with how the colors lie in patches. i have to think about the colored fabrics i will be working with.

strange, when i was a kid, i used to while away the time in boring classes by taking my pencil to the black and white photos of presidents andinventions in our schoolbooks. all of my books would end the year with every photo marked up in pencil, a line surrounding each area of equal tone. that’s what i’m doing here in transferring a complex scene to fabric. i’m outlining areas of equal color, lightness, texture. then it’s all paint by numbers. or so you might think.

the photo and the fabrics to work with

above’s a picture we took in ireland. that’s the (other) rock of cashel, on cashel bay, in county galway, in ireland. it was a mostly cloudy day with a patch of blue. that yellow stuff is gorse in bloom, the green is new shoots of what looked like being iris in a field of old brown grass. in the back under the hill, that little blob of white, is cashel house, a great place to stay all round

surrounding the photo are the cut up bits of the photo of the fabric i have to work with (that my sister brought me – old family stuff that no longer fits). that’s the color range i have to choose from, and it’s not too bad a match. i hope i have enough of some things that look awfully skimpy to me at the moment. i may have to redye some of the fabric i have, but that’s cheating. i can spill coffee on it, however.

i painted the following – my first watercolor in seveal years – as a study of the design i’m going to be working with.

the watercolor study

at 10″ on a side, it’s a whole bunch smaller than the quilt top, which is (calculator) 36 times larger.

the next step is to do it on graph paper, or at least a larger contour sketch of the various fields of color in the picture.

and then i guess after that it’s a matter of cutting out rough shapes of the various color swatches, and then fitting them, and then figuring out how to sew them.

as usual in all my projects, i spend most of my time reinventng the wheel – figuring out basic steps over and over again. but it’s fun; i like it.


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