Lisa’s quilt first step – dimensions

my sister susie tells me lisa has a queen size bed. that’s 60″ wide x 80″ long. so that’s my primary picture plane. the part that drapes over the side shouldn’t be part of the picture, nor should the part that goes up over the pillows. they are considered the frame. here’s more information. it says you want 15″ on the sides, and a 10″ drop on the bottom. taking 20″ for the pillows, my picture plane is a 60×60 square. so.

here are other sample irish landscapes i could use. i suspect i’ll end up with several pieced together, appropriate for a quilt.

i could use these. they’re basically taken under broken clouds, and the problem is that there’s no blue in the picture, but the light is fantastic. i’ve got plenty of blue fabric to work with, however.

there’s plenty of blue to work with in these pictures, so they’re more likely to be my base reference. you’ll ntice that there’s almost no green to work with, so i’ll need to change the foreground. but i have figured out what i’ll do with that bright yellow turtleneck – gorse flowers.

then there are the fields and their stone walls, which will use up all the green fabric and some of the grays i have to work with. these are in sunshine.

these fields and walls are under cloudy skies. personally, i like the cloud cover, because all the colors of the landscape come out. but we work with what we’re given.


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