Project: Lisa’s quilt

i got my little sister lisa to bring me a bunch of discarded clothing for a secret project i was about to embark upon. she must have figured it out, because she brought me not only bunches of old mildewed cothes, but also a whole mess of scraps of things she must have been making over the years, only some of which are unusable because the fabric’s too ripe.

but now I have to figure out what i’ m going to do with it. below is a shot of the range of fabrics and colors i will have to work with. it’s a bunch of neutral whites and off-whites, a range of blues, some greens, some reds, a few darks. hmmm.

what occurred to me when i had the clothes in the washing machine (vinegar rinse does wonders for mildew) is that i should quilt a picture of some of the irish landscape we were recently driven thru on the occasion of my other sister’s wedding.

originally i had envisioned sewing a sort of crazy quilt using the entire face of different pieces of clothing, sort of a story of her family’s growth. but she’d long ago given away most of the baby and little kid clothes that would make it cute. (a few years ago at a street festival i spotted someone doing quilts made out of whole blue jeans, and was really struck with it. unfortnately i didn’t have my camera, so i couldn’t capture it and make it my own. maybe this year). so i was left with some other idea to follow.

here’s a sample irish landscape that i’m thinking of turning the clothes into.

here’s the range of fabrics i have to work with.



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