additional project – something for the guests

finished batch of paintings, ready to set

unable to leave well enough alone, i volunteered to make wedding gifts for all the guests. strictly family on both sides, we were talking about 35 people minimum. so i narrowed it down.

i was originally going to make pocket handkerchiefs for everyone, but since nobody bows their noses on cloth anymore, i thought it would be a useless gesture. then i thought about totebags, after seeing a friend’s daughter’s wonderful version. i said, i can do that, and the project changed just like that.

so now i was doing tote bags. this would work for the guests, because the vast majority of them were married, which meant that half of them were women, and women know what to do with a totebag.

but what to put on it? my sister to the rescue, sending me a cute little picture of an adorable catholic church in the west of ireland, st james church in cashel bay, connemara – near our wonderful hotel. so i drew out a 9×9 pattern, and did 2 dozen silk paintings on lengths of silk left over from the kimono.

i got the instructions for making a padded tote bag from this website, gathered some spare batting, hand-dyed some cotton for the lining (sorry, no picture), bought 2 yards of denim, and got to work. of course i ran out of denim after only 2/3 of the straps were done, but not to worry, i used the dyed cotton. i figured nobody would care.

after 2 dozen bags, i now know how to assemble them in my sleep. the rest of the paintings i stretched and framed, for those single men who wouldn’t appreciate a pretty tote.


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